I just finished adding the last of the Smallville captures to the gallery. That means that caps from every episode Erica appeared in is now up in the gallery, which also now has close to 70,000 images! Now, the site will be on hiatus until late March/early April 2013, but will of course be open for visitors. So please, continue to visit the site even though there won’t be updates for a while!


6 MQ photos of Erica at the MIPCOM Saving Hope Photocall today in Cannes here.

HD Captures from the second behind the scenes video from the Chloe Photoshoot here.

New photosessions added to the gallery

5 images from the Chloe Magazine photoshoot added to the gallery

Captures from episodes 1x06 and 1x07 of Saving Hope!

Captures of Erica from episodes 3-5 of Saving Hope here:

New additions to the events Erica attended in 2007 and 2008.

Caps from Saving Hope 1x02. Contact here


“Saving Hope”  -  1.04 The Fight:  An exhausted Alex (Erica Durance) treats a hockey player while working the nightshift in the ER; Charlie (Michael Shanks) meets a punk who is facing a difficult fight.

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